about us
PHX inc. has worked and developed companies and products successfully in all aspects of cycling: retail, distribution, import, export, brand development, brand management and marketing, manufacturing, product and collateral design, sourcing and general trade since 1965. Lee Katz, founder of PHX inc., has been issued patents in garments, electronics and shoes. We have both internal and project associates with experience in all the above aspects of cycling and outdoor sport in all areas of the world.





PHX inc prides itself with standing at the forefront of many new technologies and trends. Here's just a short list of some of our firsts:

First lycra cycling wear produced in North America: NK Sport 1982
First lycra xc ski wear produced in North America: NK Sport 1982
Nylon sole shoe with insole: Lake system 1983
Shoe for step in pedal: Lake for Look 1983
Mountain bike shoe: Lake 1984
Triathlon shoe: Lake 1985
Production carbon sole shoe: Shimano 1988
Multiple bike computer designs (patents): ACT 1989
Dual memory bike computer: ACT 1992
Multi channel RF bike computer-heart rate monitor: ACT 1993
Expansion side vent in cycling vest (patent): Lake 1995
Cold weather winter cycling shoe: Lake 1997
Line of women's specific cycling shoes: Lake 1998
Shoe using Vibram cycling specific soles: Lake 2004
Thermoform shoe: Lake 2006
Use of e-Vent for all weather cycling shoes: Lake 2009
Magnetic Mount for Helmet Light: Patent Pending 2012
Urban Lighting System combining multiple proprietary technologies: Yo 2012